Monday, January 17, 2011

Penguins, Polar Bears Topsy Turvey Books

We made Polar Region books. The first part of the week, we learned about Penguins and conditions in Antarctica. The students drew pictures of penguins on white paper and added more white paint for snow and ice. Fact reports followed. Then we made the center page of the book. It was a world with a penguin on the bottom of the world, on the flip side was a polar bear on top of the world. Next we studied the Arctic and specifically polar bears. We go online and looked at National Geographic for kids and also polar bear expeditions. We made our polar bear covers by painting the Northern Lights and then added polar bear shape cut outs. The book was assembled so that there were 2 front covers. The penguin part was one way and the polar bear part was upside down . This was fun for the kids and a great way to remember that polar bears are North of the Equator and penguins are South.

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