Monday, January 10, 2011

January Let it snow, snow snow!

We made snowmen out of empty water bottles. Just take an empty bottle, fill it with something white- shredded paper, tissue paper- (the sparkly kind is really fun), cotton balls, fiberfill pillow stuffing, tissues, Christmas sparkly garland, etc. Add on a head from a styrofoam ball, or paper mache around a small balloon, Decorate with ribbon, fleece and flannel, buttons, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, etc. Use the toe or heel of a holiday sock which I got on the after Christmas sales. Earmuffs were also created with thin wire and pom poms. Let your imagination be your guide!

As you can see, this isn't actually a book, but it is the main character of a great snowman story! We wrote snowman adventure stories about our bottle character! The story included a beginning, middle, and end. We illustrated each of those parts, using the snow man bottle character as our drawing model. The books were put together with a cover made out of polka dot scrapbook paper,a drawing of the beginning of the story, the story which was edited and rewritten, a picture to go with the middle of the story, and another picture that iluustratd the end of the story.

Using art motivates the writing! Art is an expression of individual ideas, so the writing just becomes another way for that expression to be showcased.

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